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Swine Flu fears driving web traffic

April 30, 2009

Following the breaking news around swine flu earlier this week, UK Internet traffic to the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention increased more than 200% each in just 4 days. For the week ending 25/04/09, 'swine flu' was already the number one search term driving traffic to cdc.gov, showing the urgency of the public to find out more about the disease.


More to come next week on the UK blog when our Research Director, Robin Goad, will analyse search data around the potential pandemic.

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Net-a-Porter launches theOutnet.com

April 23, 2009

Following the April 16th launch of Net-a-Porter's newest outlet site for discounted designer fashion, theOutnet.com, traffic to the site increased 800% in a week (w/e 18/04/09 compared to w/e 11/08/09). Within the Apparel and Accessories category, the Outnet moved up the rankings 599 places to #87 during the same period. Looking at the first week of trade (w/e 18/04/09), Google UK (10.1%), Facebook (5.61%), and Net-a-Porter (5.3%), were the top 3 sites receiving traffic from theoutnet.com.


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Susan Boyle tops all searches in the UK and US

April 21, 2009

Last week the top five fastest moving search terms amongst All Categories were: 'susan boyle', 'britains got talent', 'hillsborough disaster', 'hells kitchen', and 'guido fawkes'. After Susan Boyle’s recent break-through performance on Britains Got Talent, the clip of her singing has notched up almost 50 million views on YouTube and the search term 'susan boyles' was the top non-branded term driving traffic to YouTube last week. Her success has also been noted in the US with 'susan boyle' being the number one fastest moving search term overall for the same period.

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Searches for 'federico macheda' increased 55-fold in a week

April 16, 2009

2 of the top 3 fastest moving search terms in the social networking category for the w/e 11/04/09 were related to the 17-year old Italian Manchester United footballer, Federico Macheda: (#1 'federico macheda' and #3 'macheda'). After his recent winning goals in his games against Aston Villa on 05/04/09 and Sunderland on 11/04/09, the footballer has caused quite the stir in the media and people are looking to learn more about Man Utd's new star player. Wikipedia, Manchester United, and YouTube were the top 3 sites receiving traffic from searches for the young footballer last week, together just under 50% of traffic.


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Searches for 'mothers day'

March 23, 2009

For the second year in a row the number one site receiving traffic from UK searches for 'mothers day' last week was Woodlands Junior School (27.6%), followed by Wikipedia (19.4%) and Marks & Spencer (7.8%). Compared to last year, when searches for 'mothers day' peaked during the actual week of Mothering Sunday, this year the spike occurred one week earlier (w/e 14/03/09), suggesting that people were planning in advance this year. Traffic to the Flowers and Gifts category increased 27% for the week ending 21/03/2009, with 'flowers' being the number one non-branded search term driving traffic to the category.


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Traffic to tastelondon.co.uk increases 633%

March 17, 2009

TasteLondon, a UK diners' club, celebrated its 3rd birthday last Thursday March 12th by giving away complimentary annual memberships to the first 2000 people who registered their details on www.tastelondon.co.uk/thirdbirthday. Hitwise UK reports that traffic to the site increased 633% on the day, but unfortunately the massive spike in traffic caused the site to crash, leaving many people unable to register. With those who did not make the first 2000 still able to register for a one month free membership, it comes as no surprise that within the Food and Beverage category, tastelondon.co.uk moved up the rankings 192 places to 78th last week compared to 270th the week before.


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Traffic to NS&I increases 320%

March 13, 2009

Following the monthly announcement of the Premium Bond winners, traffic to the National Savings & Investments (NS&I) website tends to peak towards the beginning of each month. From the end of February to the first week in March UK Internet visits to NS&I increased 320%, with 'premium bonds' being the #1 search term driving traffic to the site for the 4 weeks ending 07/03/09. 8 of the top 10 fast moving search terms in the Banks and Financial Institutions category for the week ending 07/03/09 were also related to National Savings & Investments or Premium Bonds.


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Michael Jackson searches increase by 1200%

March 10, 2009

Following Michael Jackson's announcement last week that he is to play 10 dates at the O2 this summer, searches for the King of Pop increased by 1200%. With fans able to register for presale tickets traffic to www.michaeljackson.com increased 3-fold for the week ending 07/03/09, while ‘michael Jackson tickets’ was the top search term sending traffic to Ticket Exchange websites. With his comeback show predicted by many to make show business history, it comes as no surprise that 'michael jackson' was the 3rd fastest moving search term in the UK last week, behind 'v festival' (#1) and 'dr seuss' (#2 after featuring in a Google Doodle) for the same period.


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